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Our solutions сan help you conquer the challenges of reducing costs, improving loyalty and engagement of customers or employees and, finally, increasing revenue in the different spheres of business.

indoor and outdoor advertising

Modern consumer is always on the go. Today it is extremely difficult for an advertiser to establish effective contact with a potential customer. In the age of digital technologies the efficiency of posters and billboards is rapidly declining. You must use impressive and memorable visual communication channels. DigitalTag system with high-definition screens, capabilities of remote management and creation of interactive content, undoubtedly, can solve business tasks of an advertiser at a whole new level.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Savings on consumables;
  • Reduced costs for advertising point maintenance;
  • Possibility to change advertising messages depending on the time of the day, day of the week and even the weather;
  • Possibility to broadcast content of multiple advertisers on a single screen without extra costs;
  • Possibility to quickly add or remove certain advertising content during broadcasting;
  • Increased engagement of customers, and therefore loyalty of advertisers.

public transportation

Millions of people around the world use public transportation, spending there from a few minutes to several hours. What does an average person do during a trip? As a rule, he is bored! DigitalTag system can provide passengers with new experience. News, advertising, entertainment content will be, certainly, useful for people who are waiting to get to their destination. At the same time, remote and easy management of this information flow offers a wide range of business and reputational opportunities.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Increased customers’ loyalty due to broadcasting news and entertainment content;
  • Possibility to broadcast advertising messages, which will undoubtedly support the budget of the transportation company;
  • Possibility to bind the broadcasting time of a message to the location of the vehicle.

Corporate networks

The engagement of employees today is one of the main indicators of a healthy corporate environment. According to Gallup only about 30% of employees worldwide are really engaged in their job. From year to year HR departments from work hard to increase this index. Creating a positive work environment, establishing internal communications, introducing effective systems of motivation — these are just a small part of the tasks which can be solved with the modern DigitalTag solutions. Nowadays, an average person spends about 60 hours per week consuming digital content. To communicate the right messages at the right time on the right screens is an obvious challenge for any employer.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Increased loyalty and engagement of employees;
  • Enhanced corporate culture;
  • Possibility to timely deliver the needed information or motivating content to individual departments or all employees at once;
  • Possibility to interactively exchange information both within the individual departments, and among them.


How to attract the customer’s attention to a particular product? How to help them make a decision as what to buy? How to inform them about special offers? How to timely let the staff know about i nnovations and the necessary actions? Answers to all of these questions are well known to retailers: sales equipment, flyers and posters, red price tags, a lot of internal regulations. But such responses, in turn, give rise to new questions: How to reduce the cost for advertising materials? How to maximally centralize processes and simplify the control? How to avoid the negative impact of the human factor in the field? Retail is the ideal environment to implement digital signage systems. The possibilities, which DigitalTag solution brings, can dramatically improve the efficiency of internal processes, the level of influence on consumers’ behavior and, as a consequence, the final business result.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Increased average check;
  • Qualitative adjustment of customers traffic inside the store;
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing new level advertising points for the producers;
  • Reduced impact of the human factor on the processes inside a particular store;
  • Possibility to quickly inform consumers of the novelties and special offers;
  • Possibility to improve customers’ engagement by working with interactive content.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls today are a huge area with variety of zones, which makes it difficult for a regular customer to find their way around. The chances of customers’ return to this mall depends on the previous experience in satisfying their consuming needs and getting positive emotions. And in this situation DigitalTag system, undoubtedly, becomes an indispensable tool. Navigation in a mall, interesting information, news from partner-stores, special offers of the food court, advertising, games and entertainment — all in one solution on a variety of digital screens in different shapes and for different purposes, located in the areas with the best human traffic.
Вenefits and opportunities:
  • Creating an interactive digital area for the whole family in a shopping center (navigation throughout the mall, games, special offers);
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing interactive advertising points for tenants and other advertisers;
  • Qualitative adjustment of customers’ traffic inside the mall;
  • Increased visitors’ loyalty.


Long waiting in the lobbies of medical centers is not the best experience which each of us faces pretty regularly. Making this time more pleasant and as useful as it’s possible for patients is the correct and quite an achievable task. Especially because in such a situation most of the people are maximally open to new information. DigitalTag solutions will help to create interactive information eco-system in which the schedule of patients’ reception changes to a video about need of seasonal vaccination, and it, in turn, gives way to an advertising of a new drug.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Creation of digital media and entertainment area for patients and employees (navigation, schedule of doctors, games, corporate and information notifications);
  • Generating additional revenue through the sale of advertising time to manufacturers of medicines;
  • Forming a positive image of the clinic and improving patients’ loyalty.


One of the primary tasks of any hotelier is to provide full information space for the guests. The latest news, tourist information, special offers for rooms or in restaurants, schedule of conference rooms availability, advertising, etc. All this information should be fully available for the visitors at the time and in that place where they want to and are ready to see it. DigitalTag system is made to maximally simplify this task. The simplicity and effectiveness of the daily management of these screens will surprise everyone, whether it’s a digital photo frame in a room or a video wall at the reception.
Benefits and opportunities:
  • Fast informing of the guests about special offers;
  • Possibility to send individual messages to each guest through a network of screens, located directly in the rooms;
  • Possibility of interactive communication with guests through the use of touch screens and HTML5 content (room service, additional service requests, feedback);
  • Generating additional revenue through the sale of time and points for advertising content.

restaurants board menu

In a digital age it is quite wasteful not to use the new opportunities for the restaurant business. More and more owners of restaurants, cafes and bars all around the world are beginning to change traditional tools of communication with the client to the modern digital menu boards, LCD monitors and desktop mini screens, interactive digital kiosks, and others. New tools will undoubtedly be able to affect the efficiency of internal business processes and profitability increase. DigitalTag solutions will be an indispensable tool for a fast and high-quality deployment and simple daily management of the screens network of any scale and geographical distribution.
Benefits And opportunities:
  • Increased average check;
  • Reduced cost of promotional and informational materials production;
  • Possibility to create digital board menu;
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing new advertising points;
  • Possibility to create an interactive digital area for the whole family;
  • Fast informing of the guests about the special deals.

sport arenas

These days, sports arenas are no longer just a place for athletes’ competitions. They are huge entertainment complexes, where entire families come to have a pleasant and varied experience. And this is the moment of big opportunities for a business to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of the audience using promotional displays and information boards, interactive and game screens. DigitalTag solution is created to centrally manage this wide scale network of various screens and deliver the right content to the right place at the right time.
Benefits And opportunities:
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing new advertising points;
  • Possibility to create an interactive digital area for the whole family;
  • Possibility to design an impressive digital screens installations based on the «video wall» technology.

car dealers

Modern automobiles are leading the technological progress. Today, there are many features in your family car which were difficult to even imagine 2 or 3 decades ago. However, due to a wide range of choice today the competitive advantages are not only a possibility of a certain model, but also the way they are demonstrated to the customer. And in this case DigitalTag system can play an invaluable role. Impressive, creating a wow effect and involving videos on high resolution screens or video walls in the presentations or daily sales will undoubtedly attract the attention of customers. At the same time efficiency and simplicity of screen network management will allow the dealer to save their time and focus on the main task.
Benefits And opportunities:
  • Increased brand attractiveness;
  • Possibility to create interactive information area for customers and employees;
  • Possibility to demonstrate the advantages of the car in a dynamic attractive manner, without leaving the dealership.


Healthy lifestyle industry is getting more popular day by day. Proper nutrition and regular trainings in fitness clubs have become an integral part of human life in a big city. Those hours that people spends to keep fit should not be wasted. For this reason people need to be informed about the training programs, proper nutrition, new collections of sport goods. You also must create positive emotions with the help of entertainment content and, finally, motivate them to achieve the desired result. Fast deployable DigitalTag system allows achieving all of these goals with a centralized and easily managed network of digital screens of any scale and geographical distribution.
Benefits And opportunities:
  • Increased clients’ loyalty;
  • Possibility to create an interactive entertainment and information area for customers and employees;
  • Attraction of additional budgets by providing new advertising points.
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